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DevMix Team (beta blog)

Hello every body,

first I am HTML5 geek so i will take about it in some articles,
but in first article I want to tell you why i love HTMl5 in 10 reasons

1 – Accessibility:

HTML5 makes creating accessible sites easier for two main reasons:
semantics: The new (some currently available) HTML headings like: <header> , <footer> , <nav> , <section> , <aside> , etc. allow screen readers to easily access content. Before, your screen readers had no way to determine what a given <div> was even if you assigned it an ID or Class.

ARIA : ARIA is a W3C spec that is mainly used to assign specific “roles” to elements in an HTML document – essentially creating important landmarks on the page: header, footer, navigation or article, via role attributes.For a more in depth discussion on HTML5 and ARIA please visit the WAI.

2 – Video and…

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Cycleblob, an addictive browser game created by Israeli developer Shy Shalom, went live today. The game ports light cycles, the futuristic vehicles from the legendary 1982 film Tron, to the browser. Nerd power! Of course, seeing as Tron was recently upgraded with a new sequel, it’s only fitting that light cycles should be given a more contemporary setting in which to compete — especially if that backdrop takes advantage of modern web standards and contexts.

In the original Tron, light cycles were matched against each other on a flat grid and were limited to making 90 degree turns, so Cycleblob has set its light cycles in motion on a rotating 3-dimensional field (really, a blob) that floats in space. Just as in the original, if you hit the wall of light left by your or your opponent’s vehicle, it’s game over.

The game lets you…

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