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DevMix Team (beta blog)

Hello every body,

first I am HTML5 geek so i will take about it in some articles,
but in first article I want to tell you why i love HTMl5 in 10 reasons

1 – Accessibility:

HTML5 makes creating accessible sites easier for two main reasons:
semantics: The new (some currently available) HTML headings like: <header> , <footer> , <nav> , <section> , <aside> , etc. allow screen readers to easily access content. Before, your screen readers had no way to determine what a given <div> was even if you assigned it an ID or Class.

ARIA : ARIA is a W3C spec that is mainly used to assign specific “roles” to elements in an HTML document – essentially creating important landmarks on the page: header, footer, navigation or article, via role attributes.For a more in depth discussion on HTML5 and ARIA please visit the WAI.

2 – Video and…

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